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Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong The Worst Mistakes

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Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong: The WorstMistakes

Everybody tends to make at least one mistake in life. The latter case though, is probably an impossible case that exists in the world. As humans are always making mistakes, therefore turning into experiences remembered to prevent the re-dos, people slowly learn to prevent mistakes from happening and may lead to worse case scenarios. There are many mistakes people often make that give rise to bigger problems where finding the solutions get a little frustrating. Plastic surgery, for instance, is a great example of a big mistake one can make that will change a life forever.

Plastic Surgery: A Huge Mistake

Plastic surgery is a medical surgical process which revolves around cosmetology. Cosmetics and beauty has always been a good partner, pulling the interests of the people into its own spider web. Beauty is a main problem for people living in the world full of masks, beliefs, culture, trends, and social issues. People do care about the others, how they think about each other, how one views one another, and so on. This issue then marks a deep scar in one's heart for not having an 'attractive' face or body. Plastic surgery is then introduced as a latest method, a surgical operation that will change one's life forever, from a pauper to that of a princess's. Plastic surgery before and after photos are often showing positive, optimistic signs of success in the online world and search engines. Soon, 'plastic surgery' has become the 'most searched' keywords of all time, showing signs of more and more plastic surgery trends and the acceptance of the operation itself.

Although the sites have been showing more than 70% of success, there are real before and after photos of 'celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong', revealing pictures of Hollywood stars and famous people during their pre-debut times and the present. Celebrities like Michael Jackson, has gone through countless surgeries especially the nose and not forgetting to mention, the skin. His drastic changes ranging from the dark skin color to pale skin and the nose surgery changed him into a triangular shaped-nose Michael who looks pale and unhealthy. However, let's let him rest in peace and not give any criticisms. Not forgetting about Nicki Minaj, she is yet one of the famous rappers, but as well one with the worst plastic surgeries within a "Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Hall of Fame". Her pre-debut photos displayed the hip-hop ordinary girl with perfect healthy body just like any other girls in her teenage years. However, moving into the media and entertainment scene, she has underwent several surgeries to look like a darker side of Barbie doll, with extreme curves, juicy breasts, and enormous bum that'll make eyeballs go "yeah". Nicki is always the same Nicki, but it's just that her figures changed a lot. With all the over-sized figures and even her super-bright neon-like teeth, at least Nicki tops the international charts faster than Miley Cyrus did in the past ain't it? 



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